What is Hoodia Gordonii?

Hoodia Gordonii can be described as a leafless but spiny and succulent plant, which has medical values. In Namibia and South Africa, it grows naturally. Robert Jacob Gordon discovered and painted this species around Orange River in 1779. Indigenous South African population used the herb to treat minor infections and indigestions. It was also used as appetite suppressant during long hunting journeys. This factor has stimulated it use in recent days especially for weight loss diets programs.

The ingredient responsible for appetite suppression P57 was successfully isolated and licensed. It is currently being used by different pharmaceuticals to synthesize appetite suppressant pills though it still has a long journey before it could be fully approved by Food and Drug Administration. The trial experiment involving its injection directly to the rats’ brain was a success, but its oral ingestion trials results are yet to be published and reviewed.

Hoodia gordonii plant is currently a protected species, which can only be harvested by a few individuals and companies. Hoodia weight loss pills have been marketed heavily globally, making it immensely popular. The demand for hoodia diet pills lead to its harvest burn in several countries including Namibia.


Despite its popularity in weight loss programs, hoodia reviews have yet to be published especially about the controlled trials. Its safety and efficiency as a diet pill is yet to ascertain. However, a research by Phytophar manufacturers using volunteers showed a reduction in food intake up to 1000 calories after hoodia gordonii consumption. Unfortunately this study was not subjected to review or published hence the quality of the study was not evaluated.

Counterfeit hoodia products are in circulation according to Mike Adams who estimated that about 80% of the hoodia products in the market are either counterfeit or contaminated.


Inability of individuals to control their appetite makes hoodia a unique species. If taken appropriately it makes it easy for a person to limit their calories intake by 1000 calories in one day. The active ingredient sends false signal to the brain making the person feel full for long periods of time reducing the urge to eat. This is because it suppresses the appetite preventing the person from overeating.

The most important things to put into consideration when using hoodia diet pills are to drink plenty of pure water and to eat a balanced diet. This is because unique hoodia has a tendency to minimize thirst sensation as well leading to dehydration of the body cells.


CSIR tried separating the active ingredient that causes appetite suppression for 30years until they managed to isolate it. The ingredient is called p57 and causes appetite suppressing and fat burning in genuine Hoodia Gordonii Supplements. The molecule was then parented and sold to UK based Phytophar Company. The company partnered with Pfizer to separate the ingredient further to extract the organic ingredient responsible for fat synthesis.

Several media speculated about the negative effect of hoodia pills on the liver, which arise from hoodia pill oral injections. All overweight and obese citizens wait and hope that the only natural ingredient which could cut the desire to feed 1000 calories per day will clear all the speculations.


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